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If you teach English in Italy you'll find things are more or less the same everywhere, even if the cost of living and salary levels vary between north and south. In a city like Torino you'll find plenty of language schools. Some professional and good to work for and some, well, not. If you want to teach English in Torino there are several schools dotted around the city. Many have difficulty retaining teachers, so you'll usually find several looking for new teachers at any one time, so it's not too hard to find a job if you're mother-tongue and qualified.

Most schools offer you a short-term contract with no guaranteed salary, no guaranteed hours, no holiday pay and no sick pay. It's more or less standard. Some will try to avoid paying tax by persuading you to get a Partita IVA in order to work for them. It's not something we'd advise doing. Still, working for a school is at least a good way to get started, while you find your feet. By the time you've got your bearings and start thinking about your social life, you'll have realised that you don't earn enough to have one. That's where TorinoInglese comes in!

If you want to earn a decent income teaching English in Italy you either need to supplement working for a language school by finding a few private students, or go completely freelance. It can be hard to switch from being 'employed' to freelance overnight, make no mistake, but depending on your location, your level of Italian and your 'sales' skills, it can be easier than you think. Freelance teachers in Milano and Roma, for example, typically earn twice as much as their 'employed' counterparts.

Our teacher directory at is a sister site of our hugely successful milanoinglese and romainglese sites. These sites were created by mother-tongue English teachers to help other mother-tongue English Teachers to find private students. The site provides a professional and trustworthy site where potential students can find and contact English teachers who offer private lessons in their area. Registering on TorinoInglese is free, but there are certain rules and requirements. For example, teachers must be legally living and working in Italy, and so on.

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Want to be completely independent? Get a website!

In the medium to long term, teachers eventually develop their own reputation and it's nice to be able to point possible clients towards a personal website. There, you can create a proper description of yourself, add details of your experience, qualifications and even personal hobbies. Some teachers who follow this path have also chosen to add a blog to their website, to further engage potential clients. Aside from generating extra work and being a superb way to market yourself to corporate clients, it allows you to price your services without worrying about the competition.

If this interests you, we can help. Several years ago we decided to divide our time between teaching and designing websites for clients. We have our own 'Website Design Studio' websites, such as Stylebased and BeenDesigned. We design simple HTML websites like this, and also complicated, automated sites such as, and so on. Every website is unique, so we can't provide a price without knowing exactly what you want, but an HTML site with a half dozen pages might cost as little as £350-400 and a full-blown website with a blog and templates to allow you to add pages to it in the future might cost £450-500 or so. We also own a variety of special domain names which can be purchased upon request, like ladocente, linsegnante (l'insegnante), uninsegnante (un'insegnante), ildocente and so on. If you're interested, get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

Torino Inglese

Interested in buying the domain name?

We purchased this domain name some time ago, for a language school one of our friends was debating opening. The idea fell through, so we use this domain and website to help promote our main torinoinglese websites. If you're a private teacher it will be too expensive for you but if you're a language school or thinking of opening a language school, you probably couldn't buy a better domain name! Only offers in excess of €1500 will be considered. Get in touch..